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India might be getting energy from the moon. An ISRO scientist has stated that the moon can power all of India and possibly other countries as well with its Helium-3.

Times Of India has reported that an Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO professor has specified that all of India’s need for energy will be provided by the moon. India will have to mine Helium 3 from the moon first. They will get lunar dust that is rich with the said element. In 2030 all of the mining will be possible, said Sivanthanu Pillai. India is now researching ways on how to dig those elements.

According to India Today, many other countries are also researching ways on how to get the Helium 3 from the moon, not just India. Western countries and Asian alike are very much interested in it. There is enough Helium 3 in the moon, enough to actually provide the whole world with energy and power, said Sivanthanu Pillai. ISRO has made digging of Helium 3 as their priority project, Pillai explained.(He is a former chief at BrahMos Aerospace)

Since Helium 3 is an isotope, it can help create a safer nuclear energy for every country. It is believe to be non-radioactive so it will not react violently. It will also not produce waste products like what other nuclear energy are using.

Scientists and professor are very positive about this discovery. However, not only them but other people are excited about it too. There are many fictional stories about it. People in ISRO are hoping this project will be a great success. Not only will it keep the people safe but the environment too.

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