[Culture] Six Indian School of Philosophy

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Background:- Over centuries, India’s intellectual exploration of truth has come to be represented by six systems of philosophy. These are known as:- Vaishesika- Sage Konada/Kannada Nyaya-Sage Gotama Samkhya- Sage Kapila Yoga-Patanjali Purva Mimansa-Jaimini Vedanta or Uttara Mimansa-Vyasa These philosophies still guide scholarly discourse in the country. German-born British indologist, [...]

Great Game in Central Asia.

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Backgound:- The third India-Central Asia Dialogue convened by External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Sunday is one in a series of timely connections to the region by New Delhi this year, spurred in some measure by events in Afghanistan. The dialogue has been held a month before leaders of all [...]

[Science] 5G-All that you need to know

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Intuitively, one tends to think that a more powerful technology consumes proportionately more energy. However, it’s not so with 5G. Efficiency can be best described as a typically quantifiable amount of work that can be performed with a given set of resources. […]


[Society] Quota without data

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An exclusive internal quota for a single caste group was always fraught with the danger of judicial invalidation. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Madras High Court has struck down the Tamil Nadu law that earmarked 10.5% of seats in educational institutions and jobs for the Vanniyakula Kshatriya community and [...]

Global Hunger Index 2021 and India

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This year’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) did not go down well with the government. This was expected given that it ranks India 101 out of 116 countries for which reliable and comparable data exist. To add insult to injury, the GHI puts India far below some of its neighbouring [...]

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