[Science] 5G-All that you need to know

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Intuitively, one tends to think that a more powerful technology consumes proportionately more energy. However, it’s not so with 5G. Efficiency can be best described as a typically quantifiable amount of work that can be performed with a given set of resources. […]


[Science] The infinite possibilities of gene editing

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CRISPR’s ability to alter genome sequences holds immense promise for medicine and other fields The industrial revolution was all about using atoms for human advancement, and the internet revolution was about the magic of bytes, but the next one will be about what we do with genes [...]

[Science] Einstein’s century

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In the spring of 1905, a young man began the journey from obscurity to scientific stardom. Within a decade, he would be hailed as a genius who towered over his contemporaries, even in an era that had no dearth of brilliant minds in science. […]

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[Science] ISRO and NewSpace.

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With the launch of Brazil’s Amazonia-1 satellite last week from Sriharikota, a new chapter has begun in India’s space history. The satellite, a 637-kilogram entity, was the first dedicated commercial mission of NewSpace India Limited, a two-year-old commercial arm of the Department of Space. […]

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