[Environment]Development vs Conservation<>Railway vs Wildlife

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The world is pursuing a path of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation, keys to human development. India is walking the same track, targeting a five trillion economy in the near future. We expect higher GDP, better economic status and a high standard of living like other developed countries. However,  linear infrastructure [...]

India’s Solar Salvation

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As India’s economy and population continue to grow, so too does its demand for energy. India is also particularly vulnerable to climate change. Solar power could be the answer to both problems. With 300 sunny days a year, India can lead the world in solar capacity. Doing so will require strong policy-making [...]

Ganga and Microplastics

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The Ganga might have stood witness to many stages of India’s civilisation, as Mahatma Gandhi once noted, but in recent decades it has become a conduit for sewage, solid waste, industrial effluents and other pollutants. […]

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