[Environment] “State of India’s Birds 2020” report

2021-03-21T04:01:14+05:30By |Categories: Environment|

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A comprehensive report on the distribution range, abundance trends and conservation status of birds in India indicates a worrying decline in the populations of 79 per cent of the species. “The State of India’s Birds 2020” report, which was released at the 13th Conference of Parties to the Convention [...]

[Environment] Deepor Beel on the brink

2021-03-21T03:20:27+05:30By |Categories: Environment|

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Deepor Beel, a Ramsar site near Guwahati in Assam, known for its fish and bird diversity and rich aquatic vegetation that attracts wild elephants, faces conservation threats from garbage dumping, quarrying, and the construction of a railway line, besides a smart city project. […]

Environment-Indoor air pollution is far worse.

2021-02-27T08:58:36+05:30By |Categories: Environment|

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When we think of air pollution, the smoggy outdoor haze of metropolitan cities comes to mind. With India being home to 21 out of 30 of the world’s most polluted cities, the visualization as an outdoor phenomenon is not completely wrong. […]


Economy/Environment-We must go Circular.

2021-02-23T12:20:35+05:30By |Categories: Economy, Environment|

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The best way to build resilience against future pandemics and the impact of climate change is to move to a circular economy. Doing so could address 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions and provide a $4.5 trillion economic opportunity. […]

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Environment-Sustainable Ecotourism in India !!!

2018-12-02T14:35:53+05:30By |Categories: Environment|

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Ecotourism in India:- Ecotourism as a term first emerged during the late 1980s with growing global concern for sustainable practices with regard to ecologies extending towards minimizing the degenerative results of tourism on the environment. Ecotourism thus essentially has come to imply responsible travel practices when exploring natural conditions such [...]

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