[WAR 2022- ‘WRITE-A-RANK’] ACE The MAINs with “WAR” Strategy (Batch-2, Begins from 17 Oct 2021)

2021-10-12T00:30:38+05:30By |Categories: Announcements|

Dear All, There has never been such a program before which is so well-thought-out, taking the aspirants' strengths and weaknesses into account, and integrating them into the MAINS WRITING program. The time for Generic TOP-DOWN-APPROACH is over. We took  a BOTTOM-UP-APPROACH for this program. We asked our students, asked the mentors, asked the successful candidates and asked the graduates who will be preparing now. With their input in mind and aspirant's over-all well-being at heart, we are launching our much awaited Writing Program for Mains 2022, albeit with some differences in our approach to the exam in order to cater to [...]

Social Media-Be Damned !!!

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This is not an analysis on social media. But it is a double-edged sword nonetheless. Without it life is difficult, With it, Life is complicated - Social Media-Be Damned. We had a long debate with in the team whether to go the social media route or not. After so much of debate, we arrived at a conclusion that we need to stay in touch with out students and give them something beneficial and help them quench their intellectual thirst. Instagram :- Our Instagram went live today. We had a debate on this and We are going to change the way aspirants [...]

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