[History] Dharasana Satyagraha

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  The Salt March to dandi, concluding with the making of illegal salt by Gandhi on April 6, 1930, launched a nationwide protest against the British salt tax. ⁣ ⁣ At Dharasana, another town in Gujarat, salt production and storage was monopolized by the British.⁣ On May 4, 1930, Gandhi [...]

[History] Indian History Timeline

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Let us simplify the ‘Timeline of Indian History’. This is a journey of the history of one of the greatest civilizations that the Indian Subcontinent has been. The Indian history timeline is the easiest way to understand the history of an ancient civilization with huge diversity. […]

[Culture] Six Indian School of Philosophy

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Background:- Over centuries, India’s intellectual exploration of truth has come to be represented by six systems of philosophy. These are known as:- Vaishesika- Sage Konada/Kannada Nyaya-Sage Gotama Samkhya- Sage Kapila Yoga-Patanjali Purva Mimansa-Jaimini Vedanta or Uttara Mimansa-Vyasa These philosophies still guide scholarly discourse in the country. German-born British indologist, Friedrich [...]

[HIstory] 1942-Issur Uprising

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ISSUR, is a hamlet in the Western Ghats in Shikaripura taluk of Shivamogga district of Karnataka, was the first village in pre-independence India to declare itself free from the colonial yoke. In September 1942, that is, 79 years ago, Issur’s people raised a banner of revolt against the British Raj [...]

[IR] “Graveyard of Empires”-Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is a notoriously difficult country to govern. Empire after empire, nation after nation have failed to pacify what is today the modern territory of Afghanistan, giving the region the nickname “Graveyard of Empires, ” even if sometimes those empires won some initial battles and made inroads into the region. [...]

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