It is well known that ARC report- Administrative reforms commission report has paramount importance as far as civil service examination is concerned.More so, it is , indeed vital , in the sense that the views expressed here are of the seasoned bureaucrats , intellectuals and experts in the field.  Unlike , any journalists view , which , more often than not, a civil service aspirant finds in-comprehensive, the views of ARC delves into multiple angels.

It is a sine qua non for UPSC aspirants, but given the humongous magnitude of the report, and in the absence of any conclusive note around the internet, we at UPSCTREE.COM thought , we could impart our time , so that the serious candidates will benefit from this initiative.

We will be updating posts on regular basis, to keep its sanctity , we have not segregated the report according to GS Syllabus , instead , for the purpose of convenience , put it under a different menu altogether.

Links to topics can be found below :-


A.Capacity Building For Conflict Resolution

  1. Part 1 – Conceptual framework of Conflict
  2. Part 2 – Land related conflict,Farmer suicide ,Displacement and SEZ
  3. Part 3 – Left Wing Extremism/Naxalism
  4. Part 4 – Communalism
  5. Part 5 – North-East Region
  6. Part 6- Summary of Solutions

B.Public Order

  1. Part 1 – Problems, Causes, Manifestations and Weaknesses
  2. Part 2 – Dissatisfactions, Status-quo , Reforms required and Way Forward

C.Citizen Centric Governance/ Good Governance

  1. Citizen Centric Governance/Good Governance – Concept, Probelm & Solution

D.Local Governance- PRI & ULB

  1. Local Governance