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1)Is it right to criminalize marital rape ? Is it the right time to criminalize marital rape in India ?

2)Is it right to do away with caste -based reservation in India ? Is it the right time to do so ?

3)Should India demilitarize Siachen ?

4)Should voting be made compulsory ?

5)Honor Killing – Why it happens and how to check it ?

6)Does feminism simply means women’s fight against men ?

7)Do you think there is deterioration in Indian political discourse ?

 8)Sustainable Development – Myth or Reality ?

9)Should there be penal provision for violation of fundamental duties?

 10)Demography of India – Visible dividend or Invisible disaster ?

11)Privatisation of Indian Education – Boon or Bane ?

12)Stampede In India – Administrative negligence or Panicky of Crowd ?

13)Anti defection Law- Defects with in and with out .

 14)Write a note on contribution of at least 5 women choosing from the below mentioned fields..And if possible,write about at least 5 organization -international/national that work for women empowerment.
  1. Social (Education,Sports,Art etc)
  2. Science & Tech
  3. Politics
  4. Economy
  5. History
  6. Any other field of your choice

 15)The Great Indian Dilemma- Who Should have the last say- Elected Legislature or Non elected Judiciary ?

 16)Is it really possible to eradicate corruption ?

17)GDP – Is it just an indicator of growth or does it reflect true development?

18)Unity in diversity -a fanciful idea or a realizable goal?  

19) The Indian society’s celebrity obsession – are we dancing ours way to failure ? 

20)India and USA bonhomie – boon or bane ?  

 21)Should our education system only focus towards the needs of the employment sector ?  

  23)Rice ,Wheat and Dal – Is this enough for food security?  

  24)Housing for all – Can this be a reality ?  

  25)Why racism is prevalent in India and how to check it ?  

27)Why the child marriage is still prevalent in India and how to check it ?

28)What is important – Skills or Degrees ?

29) “Politics” influencing “Policy” – Boon or bane ?

30)Unleashing the Indian ingenuity through entrepreneurship – A realizable goal or a bubble waiting to burst ?