Communication regarding Study Material and Log in Credentials !!!

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*Applicable to registered users only Dear Students, Those who have joined us today for the MOCK tests will be getting their log in credentials by tonight. Also , for all the registered user either ESSAY or PRELIMS or MOCK Program - A new section of STUDY MATERIAL is added in your student zone which can help you in PRELIMS.The STUDY MATERIAL section is a work in progress and we will be keep adding items that are important from prelims point of view. Currently the study material section has few exclusive notes on Environment and CCRT notes on Culture. Also we are [...]

Communication regarding upcoming Program Launch !!!

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Dear Aspirants, We sincerely Thank you for your support through out.We have been working relentlessly for the upcoming PRELIMS program hence few tasks took a back seat. Kindly consider our sincere apologies as we could not continue with the Free Prelims initiative as we intended to do but could not do it due to lack of time.As we have launched the Prelims program little late  , hence have too many tasks to be completed in fairly less time.As a matter of fact we have been preparing questions - at least 200 questions per week (for the paid series) for the past [...]

Communication regarding Essay Test Series !!!

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Dear Aspirants,   Once we launched our Essay test series , it has been the most successful program since then.Those who joined us , have improved their writing capability and we are glad to see the positive outcome of our efforts. However , once we launched the series , there has been requests since then to join the series and whether one can write backdated essays etc.Different people have joined us at different times.Although , we personally clarify the doubts of each and every individual, we thought to send this communication to clarify it better. Here are the questions and our [...]

Economy Watch – Key To 2nd Green Revolution !!!

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Genetically modified (GM) seeds have emerged as a powerful new technology promising high productivity and lower use of fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides in the last one to two decades and have gained increasing acceptance among farmers around the world. […]


Environment Watch – Everything you need to know about Man-Animal Conflict .

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Animals in our backyard:- Monkeys, along with Grey langurs and bonnet macaques, have adapted to urban habitats over the years.Out of the nearly 225 living species of non-human primates, these three species have adapted to the urban way of life. […]

Daily Current Events – 22 June 2016

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At a stroke, PSLV C-34 lobs 20 satellites into orbit:- In one go, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Wednesday launched 20 satellites. They include two student satellites from Indian universities and 17 of four foreign countries. […]

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Daily Current Events – 21 June 2016

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10 highlights of the new draft national forest policy On June 15, India’s environment ministry placed the draft national forest policy in public domain for comments and suggestions. It is slated to replace the National Forest Policy, 1988 […]

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Geopolitics Watch – China, India and NSG – Why and Why not !!!

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The geo-political ascendancy of India achieved a new milestone this month when it was granted the membership of missile technology control regime (MTCR). This was considered as a major achievement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy. […]

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