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Dear Aspirants,


Once we launched our Essay test series , it has been the most successful program since then.Those who joined us , have improved their writing capability and we are glad to see the positive outcome of our efforts.

However , once we launched the series , there has been requests since then to join the series and whether one can write backdated essays etc.Different people have joined us at different times.Although , we personally clarify the doubts of each and every individual, we thought to send this communication to clarify it better.

Here are the questions and our answers to your queries :-

Q-If I join now, can I write the backdated essays ?

Ans-Yes, we have complete flexibility in this regard. You can certainly write the backdated essays.

Q-Can I write a topic of my choosing and still get the review ?

Ans- Yes.In fact, few of our applicants have wrote essays that were not given as part of our series, yet, we provided the review.The simple reason, we understand the value of review.Although , we are quite certain of the quality topics that are given in our essays series – they are contemporary, relevant and we may have a fair chance in the real exam as we cover almost all the important topics across a wide spectrum.

Q-I already know the essay strategy, why should I join a series?

Ans- You  may know the generals – how to write , what to write and what are the way to approach an essay – which is good.But, particular review is important- that is if you write on a particular topic and get it reviewed – you will have all the points handy in exam  and that makes the difference.

Imagine a person framing a question for the first time for a topic and another who have already wrote on the topic and has the reviews with him/her- who is better positioned to cover all the points and put the essay in a way that fetches more mark ?

Q-Can I join the series when I want ?

Ans- Yes you can , but sooner the better as we have  limited resource .There a limit that we can accommodate.Also  it is better for you to start early as you will have ample time to write, get review, reflect and take corrective measures and improve.

The fees of the series is dead cheap as compared to others but the reviews are almost always better than others- that is a certainty.

Details of the series and payment process :-
Click here

Hope this clarifies.

In case of any queries you can always contact us at – or writing your question here- Contact US

Thank You


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