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Geopolitics Watch – China-Pak Economic Corridor: Why Gwadar Is An Overrated Port ?


Highlights:- The China-funded Gwadar port in Pakistan is unlikely to provide any meaningful economic or strategic advantage to the Chinese Most likely, it is only a ploy by Beijing to extract funds from the Pakistani government with tacit approval of the latter’s army Lets us examine why ? […]

Geopolitics Watch – China-Pak Economic Corridor: Why Gwadar Is An Overrated Port ?2017-02-13T23:18:03+05:30

Essay – 05 :Live Now !!!


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Essay – 05 :Live Now !!!2016-06-21T22:13:39+05:30

Daily Current Events – 18 June 2016


Indian researchers exploring the Arctic From metering the precipitation in the Arctic region to drawing up a baseline data on microbial biodiversity in Kongsfjorden sediments and carrying out a biochemical evaluation and biomarker characterisation of Arctic fjord sediments, Indian researchers are into a series of scientific investigations in the icy terrains of Arctic. […]

Daily Current Events – 18 June 20162016-06-20T05:19:24+05:30



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PP4 – UPSCTREE PRELIMS SERIES LIVE NOW !!!2016-06-20T00:01:25+05:30

Economy Watch – Robin Hood and Globalization


International development aid is based on the Robin Hood principle: take from the rich and give to the poor. National development agencies, multilateral organizations, and NGOs currently transfer more than $135 billion a year from rich countries to poor countries with this idea in mind. […]

Economy Watch – Robin Hood and Globalization2017-02-13T23:17:19+05:30