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Dear Aspirants,

We sincerely Thank you for your support through out.We have been working relentlessly for the upcoming PRELIMS program hence few tasks took a back seat.

Kindly consider our sincere apologies as we could not continue with the Free Prelims initiative as we intended to do but could not do it due to lack of time.As we have launched the Prelims program little late  , hence have too many tasks to be completed in fairly less time.As a matter of fact we have been preparing questions – at least 200 questions per week (for the paid series) for the past one month in the the run up to PRELIMS.

Preparing good questions takes time thus a lot of our time is devoted to it.Apart from that , you would have received the very insightful editorials this month- which of course , takes at least 3-4 hr to prepare.

Quality is and has been our sole aim thus will never compromise with it.We have been overwhelmed by the positive response and the appreciative mails we get from you  time to time.This keeps us motivated to push ourselves and do better.

We are aware of all your feedbacks and have faith that we are working towards making this platform a more robust and helpful one.

Time is of course not on our side this year, hence many pro-bono initiatives which we desperately wanted to do but could not do it due to lack of time.

Many have written to us asking if they could be part of the upcoming mock tests , and after giving due consideration , we are launching the Mock test program.The details will follow in another mail.

Debate Initiative:-

The debate initiative will continue post-prelims and we are proud of the few writers who wrote the answers. We will also provide our answers once we are relived from the PRELIMS.


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