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For UPSC 2022, we have started our Mains Test Series and here is the questions for WEEK-1.

Weekly Test, Weekly Review

Q.No.QuestionsWordsMarksAllotted Time
1“COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted the Indian Women and almost nullified our gender related achievements over the decade”. Discuss2501511-12 mins
2“India’s jobless growth is undermining its ability to reap the demographic dividend”. Discuss2501511-12 mins
3Discuss the issue of increasing poverty due to COVID-19 pandemic and suggest remedial measures2501511-12 mins
4“Urbanization is here to stay and Sustainable urbanization is the only way”. Elucidate.2501511-12 mins
5Discuss the effect of globalization on Indian society in general and Indian family system in particular.2501511-12 mins

Also here is the Questions & Answer Booklet :- UPSCTREE MainsTest-Series-WAR01

About the Program and other details:-

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