New Mapping Policy Guideline-Giant Leap Forward for India.

2021-03-05T00:01:13+05:30By |Categories: Geography|

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Department of Science and Technology (DST) issued a new set of guidelines under the National Map Policy 2005. For the first time, the government has made it clear that ordinary citizens can create, collect, publish, and keep maps (both physical and digital) without asking the government for permission or [...]

Geonomics-Island Development !!!

2018-07-28T22:45:57+05:30By |Categories: Economy, Geography|

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The 1382 offshore-identified islands of India hold immense unexploited potential for fostering growth and achieving cohesive socio-economic development of the region in particular and also, the nation as a whole. They can significantly contribute to the GDP by leveraging the gains from promoting infrastructure and tourism on a large scale. [...]

Geography-Prominent Mountain Passes in India !!!

2017-12-20T23:51:17+05:30By |Categories: Geography|

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The formation of mountain passes between mountain peaks might occur during the formation of the mountain range or they may be formed due to the action of glaciers, running water, or with the help of precipitation in the form of rain or snow. While a mountain pass through a [...]

Society/Geography-Population, Migration and Misery !!!

2017-10-17T00:00:33+05:30By |Categories: Geography, Society|

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Population is a more serious issue than generally construed. The managing of populations can become a serious inflection point as can be seen building up in the recent Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Frequently, discrimination against communities have been placed in religious and ethnic terms, which can be site-specific. [...]

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