Pathways for Peace – UN and WB Report Summary

2021-10-06T16:08:52+05:30By |Categories: Ethics|

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Context:- Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches to Preventing Violent Conflict is a joint study of the United Nations and the World Bank. The study originates from the conviction on the part of both institutions that the attention of the international community needs to be urgently refocused [...]

[Ethics Series] Emotional Intelligence (Part II)

2021-07-17T05:30:25+05:30By |Categories: Ethics|

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Structure:- 1) Introduction 2) Concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) 3) Definition of Emotional Intelligence 4) What Emotional Intelligence ‘is’ and is ‘not’ 5) Historical Development of Emotional Intelligence 6) Components of Emotional Intelligence 7) Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence: Relationship between IQ and EQ 8) Benefits of Emotional Intelligence 9) [...]

[Ethics Series] Emotional Intelligence (Part I)

2021-07-17T01:25:52+05:30By |Categories: Ethics|

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Note:- Emotional Intelligence can not be understood without understanding emotion. And emotion is a psychological state. Thus, although we are discussing an ethics topic here, we will take help of psychology subject to understand it better. In Part-I, we will be dealing with What is emotion ?, which is [...]

[Ethics Series] Ethics in Public Administration – Part IV

2021-03-24T11:30:21+05:30By |Categories: Ethics|

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TOWARDS NEW DIMENSIONS OF ETHICS Fostering “sunshine” in public administration is one of the finest methods of ensuring higher standards of administrative ethics. Openness is the enemy of corruption. Almost all countries of the world have Freedom of Information or Right to Information Acts. In the [...]

[Ethics Series] Ethics in Public Administration – Part I

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INTRODUCTION:- ‘Ethics’ is a difficult term to define. The meaning, nature and scope of ethics have expanded in the course of time. ‘Ethics’ is integral to public administration. In public administration, ethics focuses on how the public administrator should question and reflect in order to be [...]

Ethics Series-MAN and the STATE -Part V

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The Views of Mill and Spencer:- This dream of social reform and the building of a more ideal society was basic to the thinking of JOHN STUART MILL also. He believed that the phenomena of social living conformed to fixed laws just as other phenomena do. However, he [...]

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