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Dear All,

The mock test for ethics has gone live.

The questions requires deeper understanding of ethics to answer them. There is no case studies in this test (Case studies were given in UTM07 and UTM08 test), instead we tried to delve deeper with regards to theoretical aspect of this paper. The question ranges from Budhha, Gandhi, Adler, Weber and Kant to India’s freedom struggle and what not. We can say that, we are truely happy about this questions set and it is indeed “next-level”. Given that UPSC has shifted its gear, we took sometime to frame the questions which can be really beneficial for MAINS. We sincerely hope it helps.

The other tests which are not live yet are being worked out. Will be live soon. Few answer scripts are live now, few are being prepared as we write this post.

Please note all tests of Essays are live (10 tests), All ethics tests are live including mock (UTM07, UTM08, UTM12 – 2 sectional and 1 mock)

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