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This is not an analysis on social media. But it is a double-edged sword nonetheless.

Without it life is difficult, With it, Life is complicated – Social Media-Be Damned.

We had a long debate with in the team whether to go the social media route or not. After so much of debate, we arrived at a conclusion that we need to stay in touch with out students and give them something beneficial and help them quench their intellectual thirst.

  1. Instagram :- Our Instagram went live today. We had a debate on this and We are going to change the way aspirants use Instagram. It will help you quench your intellectual thirst and everyday you get a point or two that matters most. Instagram will be a space for intellect. That’s our promise and I am betting on it too against all odds and do need your support.
    1. Share among your peers and do connect us in Instagram :-
    2. Check this out the Instagram Post on Open Defecation:-
  2. Youtube Channel :- Exciting series are about to be launched for Mains 2021, so subscribe the YouTube channel too and stay updated.
    1. Youtube Channel Link :-
  3. Telegram Channel :-
    1. In here, you will get instant updates of our post and any other initiatives that we are running, For example:- All India Essay OPEN Test or ALL Indian OPEN Prelims Test and many more.

And we are always available in WhatsAPP, so what more. Lets get Viral. SOCIAL MEDIA can be fun and space for Intellect too, at least that is our goal !!!

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