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Bhopal gas tragedy was not only a tragedy of 1984, it is a tragedy of this century. It was biggest Industrial disaster and probably the biggest abuse of human rights in a democracy till date.

The ghosts of December 1984 haunted several generations of Bhopal’s inhabitants. Over the next twenty-five years, although no official death count was undertaken, estimates indicate that the number of fatalities rose to a whopping 20,000 while 6,00,000 people suffered irreparable physical damage.

What followed the accident was as regrettable as the incident itself. The Indian polity, judiciary, legal fraternity and the media squandered numerous opportunities to lay down a stern deterrent for those who believed that they could wantonly evade punishment for crimes committed in developing nations. In the years that followed, in their struggle for justice, the victims of the disaster were re-victimized.

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