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For the past couple of months few  interesting developments took place around the world and India. Here are few questions with regards to them which warrants your understanding- do answer them, in the comment section.

  1. Out of the blue, when everybody thought America will have its first women president, the predictions turned out to be entirely wrong.So the question is Why Trump and what are the reasons behind it ?
  2. “Jallikattu” was banned by SC in 2014, but it took 3 years to elicit public response. Do you think the arguments in support of Jallikattu are well-founded, if so what are they?
  3. Do you think Demonetization will ever be able to meet its objective – Why and Why not ?
  4. Do you think the public of Britain duped by the politicians and their political rhetoric and without a second sober thought voted to exit EU, which is popularly known as Brexit?
  5. Universal basic income, is it a far-fetched socialist dream or a necessity of the future?

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