Science- AI the Future Enabler for Mining

2021-01-20T23:30:11+05:30By |Categories: editorials, Science|

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India is home to abundant natural mineral resource and is one of the top ten producers of several minerals (Fig. 1).  With a contribution of 1.53 per cent of gross domestic product in 2017-18, mining is an important sector for the Indian economy. […]

Society-Story of 114 Odisha villages becoming child-marriage free !!!

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A total 114 villages in Odisha have been declared child-marriage free as of January 7 2020 and many more are in line. But this story of change began in a village named Rugudipali in west Odisha's Subarnapur district with support from the courageous Gitanjali Rana, an anganwadi worker in the area. Action Aid, a non-profit that works on child and women’s rights, has been spearheading the campaign against child marriage with the support of UNICEF in 15 districts of Odisha with a high burden of child marriage as indicated by the previous National Family Health Survey. Gitanjali participated in some of [...]

S&T- Crisis and Innovation -Part II

2021-01-09T18:38:12+05:30By |Categories: editorials, Science|

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Innovation and crisis: The six factors that spark radical innovation in turbulent times A crisis forces people to see the world in a different way because it ruptures the assumptions on which everyday life proceeds and so creates a doorway into a different kind of world, one in which [...]

S&T- Crisis and Innovation -Part I

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The COVID-19 pandemic is widely seen as a potential turning point after which almost everything could be different. Margaret MacMillan, the eminent historian, has compared this crisis to the French and Russian revolutions – points at which the river of history changed course. […]

Environment-Sustainable Ecotourism in India !!!

2018-12-02T14:35:53+05:30By |Categories: environment|

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Ecotourism in India:- Ecotourism as a term first emerged during the late 1980s with growing global concern for sustainable practices with regard to ecologies extending towards minimizing the degenerative results of tourism on the environment. Ecotourism thus essentially has come to imply responsible travel practices when exploring natural conditions such [...]

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