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Water has been a key planning and policy issue and recently the issue only got exacerbated. UPSC, often times have asked about water related questions and essay. In this regard, it is an important topic. Through this edition of Yojana Nector we are trying to give it a holistic understanding so that you can write better answers for this issue. This edition is little exhaustive as there exists a gigantic literature onthis particualr issue. We also added few other perspective not given in Yojana. So go through it as we think it might be of good help for upcoming Mains.

The key aspects to look out for  after going through the editorials are-

  1. Environmental debt
  2. The degree and Vulnerability – report and data
  3. The demand of future
  4. A good number of case studies from India are given which can amplify quality of your answer
  5. Water Bank
  6. Sectoral approach for water conservation
  7. Community efforts and examples
  8. Jal Saheli, Chauka,Kakatiya etc
  9. Faulty policy of Govt
  10. Principles of Water Democracy
  11. Water Laws
    1. Constitutional Provision
    2. The River Boards Act 1956
    3. Inter-State Water Disputes Act, 1956
    4. Tribunals
    5. Panchayat Raj Laws
  12. Maps
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