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Dear Aspirants,

Hope your PRELIMS exam went well. Don’t worry on that front as worry has never resulted in success.What matters is your determination to pin down your mistakes and work on it – that is what really matters.

In light of the PRELIMS we have stopped publishing the Daily Current Affairs since July.However the daily current affairs will be started from Aug 15 on-wards. Also we will cover the important daily current affairs for the month of July and August. So no need to worry on that front as the daily current events will be taken care completely.

Here is a schedule of events that we will be doing starting tomorrow :-

  1. Publishing MAY magazine and starting the Current Affairs.
  2. Starting Debate Corner– we have given very good topics on this front and will give our answers to the questions as well, however going forward we will reorient the topic as per the syllabus.Don’t be surprised if the debate questions sounds like MAINS question.
  3. We have started reviewing the ESSAYS that were sent to us before PRELIMS.You will get the review soon.Those  who joined our program recently would have already got the student id and log in details.If Anybody still wants to join the program – we do have the bandwidth to accommodate few more candidates.
  4. PRELIMS 2017 program will be launched and we will give some sample questions from our PRELIMS 2016 tests for you to judge the quality of questions and decide accordingly.We are not going to claim how many questions came from our tests because , you already know if we do more than 2000 questions , you are bound to cover more than 80% of the questions.Also this year we will give a special focus on the particular time frame  as mentioned in our analysis of the Prelims exam.
  5. We also gave nearly 450 current affairs material tailor-made for the PRELIMS, we will do the same for this year with more focus and adequate segregation of the topics.This will be available in your student portal since beginning of SEPTEMBER.We will also highlight the most important once.
  6. If you read our PRELIMS key it was completely based on reason rather than reference , although we supplemented the conflicting questions with reference material.We will guide you similarly for PRELIMS 2017 and how to answer and take risk for the questions that you are completely unaware or don’t know the answer.UPSC provides ample chance to apply logic and we will help you on the same which can give you an added advantage over others.
  7. ECONOMIC SURVEY from mains perspective will be ready soon and will be available for all.

Also, you will have the details of program with you soon .Most of the aspirants who joined us had prior experience of clearing PRELIMS and MAINS, and we are glad that more than 90% of them are serious candidates .So , we are hoping to see some good results this year, of course it is your had work rather than ours , we are just means to and end , not an end itself.

This PRELIMS was not about your intelligence or knowledge , it is majorly dependent on your luck too.For eg- if on that particular day if you had read certain newspaper you would have known the answer to the banana question of butterfly question or artificial inland port question.So don’t be harsh on yourself if you have not done well in the exam.Of course, Luck can be changed with hard-work as we suggested in the analysis (day-in day-out work).

We are forever in debt for your valuable feedback and suggestions and the same will be implemented soon.

Feel free to write to us in case you have any feedback/suggestions.

Thank You



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