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  1. “Buddhism developed into a great religious movement in India, changed its outlook almost completely, declined, and finally sank back into Hinduism from which it has emerged but only after spreading its messages throughout Asia”. Elucidate.
  2. Discuss the developments in science and technology during ancient age in India.
  3. Compare and contrast various features of different school of art prevalent in India during post-Mauryan age.
  4. From National flag to National Emblem, From Preamble of constitution to Fundamental duties – India has imprints of Ashoka all over it. He was relevant then, he is relevant now .Elucidate.
  5. The Indo-Islamic architecture was as much Indian as it was Persian .Discuss.
  6. Discuss various reasons for the rise of extremism in Indian politics at the turn of 20th
  7. “Sardar Patel accomplished a silent revolution by ensuring the absorption and assimilation of multitude principalities without shedding even a drop of blood.” Elucidate.
  8. Discuss the source and various aspects of Gandhiji’s political thinking.
  9. The Government of India act 1935 promised so much, but delivered so little. Discuss.
  10. Critically discuss the objectives of Bhoodan and Gramdan movements initiated by Acharya Vinoba Bhave.
  11. Discuss the contribution of Lord Cornwallis to Indian administration.
  12. What are factor that led to the outbreak of French revolution in the closing decades of 18th
  13. The Treaty of Versailles which was intended to end a world war inadvertently triggered the next one. Elucidate.
  14. Discuss the causes and consequences of Industrial revolution in 18th century England.
  15. Discuss the circumstances that led to disintegration of USSR in 1990s.
  16. What do you understand by “Apartheid”? Why and how “apartheid” in South Africa was brought to an end.
  17. Discuss various factors that led to rise of tension between two power blocs in the post World War II era. Also discuss why the cold war remained “cold”.
  18. The recent instances of violence in various parts of the country for various reasons suggest that diversity in India still remains a divisive force rather than a uniting force. Do you agree? Discuss.
  19. “Dalit Movements for empowerment in independent India have essentially been for carving out political space through electoral politics.” Discuss.
  20. Discuss the Integral Humanism concept as propounded by Deen Dayal Upadhaya and comment on its contemporary relevance.


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