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The Questions for Main test series -UTM05 is live now.

Details of the test:-

  1. The questions are OPEN FOR ALL.
  2. Even if you are not part of our Mains Series, kindly practice writing the answer to the questions as it can be helpful in real exam.
  3. Registered users will get Complete review of their test after submission.
  4. One can avail individual tests in order to get Personalized Feedback.
  5. This particular test can be availed here- Click Here
  6. Once you avail a particular test, after submission of your answer paper you will get a personalized feedback on the particular test within 7 days of answer submission.Detailed instruction can be found on the Question-Cum-Answer Booklet.
  7. Schedule of the tests – Click Here
  8. Questions of the test can be found here-Click Here

Note :- Answering holistically to few questions may be little difficult at the first instance, however we urge you to read on them before writing the answers to them.This will be of immense help in examination.

The personalized feedback will be provided to all submitted answer copies in next 2 days .There is a spike in volume after PRELIMS results declaration and we greatly appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We also have collected responses for PRELIMS 2017 program.The Program details will be released soon.We are planning a full-proof approach for clearing PRELIMS and due care is being taken to ensure success.

Also few good editorials are on the way and will be of great help in MAINS exam.So kindly keep reading them to enrich your content.

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