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1. Recently in the run up to Paris climate summit (COP21), Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) was in news .What do you understand by INDCs? Discuss India’s contribution towards it.
2. Recently Government of India has released National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy, 2016. In this context, discuss the objectives of National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy, 2016 and critically comment on its efficacy.

3. What do you understand by “Left wing extremism”? Discuss the challenges emanating from it to our internal security and suggest measures to tackle the issues.
4. Recently the state of Jammu & Kashmir was in news for all the wrong reasons. Discuss the root causes behind repeated bouts of unrest in this region. In your opinion, what should be the appropriate response from the governments to ensure long lasting peace in the valley?
5. What is the importance of “Net Neutrality”? Discuss its impacts and enumerate the recent policy changes with regard to it and its significance.
6. What do you understand by “Blue Carbon Initiative”? Discuss its significance in combating climate change.
7. What are the impact of climate change on the oceans and oceanic ecosystem? Discuss “ocean acidification” and its effects on the globe in detail.
8. With the rising tide of consumerism and recent revolution in electronics industry have meant that e-wastes are increasingly posing grave challenges to human and environment. The issue of proper management of e-wastes, therefore, is critical to the protection of livelihood, health and environment. Discuss.
9. Recently released UN report has highlighted the human cost of weather related disasters .Discuss.
Also comment on the significance of Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction.
10. What are “Superbugs”? Discuss how increasing threat of superbugs is a grave danger to the public health and suggest a way forward.
11. Discuss the role of social media in globalizing the terrorism. Suggest measures to counter the propaganda of terrorists.
12. Space technology is increasingly changing the method and means of administration. In light of this,discuss the importance of space technology to bring a paradigm shift in rural economy of India.
13. Increasing anthropogenic intervention in natural processes is transforming rainfall, rather a “natural event” to a “man-made disaster”. In light of this discuss the reasons behind rising instances of urban floods in India and suggest measures to tackle it.
14. With Indian Neutrino Observatory, India is poised to take its rightful place at the helm of neutrino research.Enumerate the significances and advantages of Neutrino research.
15. The cyber world is increasingly becoming important as a governing tool and at the same time it is increasingly being threatened. In light of this discuss the importance of cyber security and India’s preparedness to ensure a safe cyber world.
16. What do you understand by “Money Laundering”? Discuss the various measures brought out by Government of India in order to tackle it.
17. The success of “Digital India” lies is “Digital literacy”. Elucidate.
18. What is “Nano-technology”? Bring out its benefits and applications.
19. Enumerate the reasons behind man-animal conflict. Suggest public policy measures to tackle this issue with “care” so that there can be harmony in co-existence.
20. What do you understand by “Designer babies”? Bring out the various issues attached with it. Discuss its potential benefits.


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