Dear Aspirants,

Recently our first test of the MAINS test series has gone live.Details can be found here – Click Here

Although we will be giving exclusive personalized feedback to registered user, other can also participate in the writing practice.

In this regard and to help you all, we have opened the writing practice hereClick Here

You can write the test in paper and upload in comment section or write it digitally in the comment section.

In case you are interested to give the exam in real time and have your personalized feedback , you can avail this particular test here – Click here.

After availing the particular test you have to submit your answer paper to us and we will give detailed and personalized feedback upon receipt of your answer sheet.Details instruction can be found in the Question-cum-answer booklet.

In case any queries , kindly let us know on this.

The questions are framed keeping the recent UPSC trend in mind and don’t be surprised if they are asked in real exam.

Thank You



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