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Dear All,

We heartily congratulate SAUMYA PANDEY (RANK 4 , CSE 2016) for her success in this arduous exam. This is a very demanding exam and to come out winning requires perseverance, hard-work, determination and right guidance.

She is from Allahabad but is visiting Delhi and busy with the celebration. Thus it took sometime for us to acquire her consent in order to make her answer scripts public. Consent is important to us, thus the delay. It was her first attempt as well.

She was part of our Essay and Mains program last year and she also joined us this year for Prelims-Essay-Mains program.

When we first saw her writing, we were certain that she is going to secure a rank because she an excellent writers. She also topped in our tests series. ( An example is here- Click Here )

As per the conversation we had with her yesterday, we understand that her mother is great supporter of her and is intimately involved in her preparation. Saumya extended the opportunity for us to speak with her Mother (She is a doctor- Dr. Sadhana Pandey) . In fact Dr. Sadhana Pandey used to read our articles, print it and give it to Saumya to read, that kind of support is very rare to find. 

Not to mention this exam is demanding one and SUPPORT SYSTEM is the key to sustain in this arduous journey.

For now, we are making her unchecked answer scripts Public. We will be sharing her MARKSHEET and other details as soon as we receive them.

Saumya Pandey- Unchecked Answer Script

Thank You





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