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Kindly note that Environment Full length test is live now in your student portal.Take the test at the earliest.

NOTE :- Kindly treat this test as a note as well because ,we have tried to cover as much as possible and as wide as possible given the depth of this topic.The basic questions on environment are pretty easy and almost all of you can do it, hence we tried to  ask the basic questions along with the question that you may not have read/covered as part of your preparation.We tried to strike a balance between the data part of environment questions along with the difficult  questions related to organization , species , funds etc.

Also corrections are issued for Question and answer of the PM2 test. Kindly download the updated one from student zone.

# Q. 46 – As per the key Trabeate is a type of Islamic architecture.(Not Mughal per se)

# Q. 49 – Answer should be B, was wrongly marked as A

# Q. 64 – Answer should be A, was wrongly marked as B

A special note of thank you for bringing this up- Thank you – Ankit, Sivani, Rudra, Sashank , Sameer , Asutosh and Elango .
Thank You
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