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I know UPSC 2023 Prelims was a shocker. Those who cleared it, they too had their apprehensions.

If you were unable to clear the UPSC 2023 Prelims- One of the following reasons applies to you: –

  1. You have not well-versed with NCERTs or you have ignored some parts of it.
  2. You have not been consistent with your Newspaper reading habits.
  3. Questions were such that, you buckled under pressure and did some silly mistakes.

I am not here to pinpoint the mistakes, because the deed is done and the fate is sealed. The question is how to deal with UPSC PRELIMS 2024?

I am also sure; you might have watched a hundred videos in YouTube on that too. Rest assured; I am not here to give you any Gyaan.

My only intension here is to tell you exactly what you should do and how you should start you preparation now. And much of what I am going to tell-you already know it. I am just reminding you and making you cautious.

  1. First Read only one Newspaper – The Hindu and read it daily [ No Shortcuts and No negotiation on this part]
  2. Read your NCERTs thoroughly. [That Means you should be able to revise them at least 10 times]
  3. Do a cursory reading of Down To Earth Magazine or articles (Only Important parts)

Most of the time, aspirants get anxious because of peer pressure. If someone is reading such material in such a way or manner, you must read it – that’s the worst part. That creates a buffoon out of your preparation and messes it up pretty bad.

If you want to see the sources of the Prelims questions and how UPSC framed them: –

Watch the video here:- Click Here

Last, but not the list. I have only 2 things to say – Read Newspaper (The Hindu) regularly and Read your NCERTs thoroughly. And a little bit common sense and application of it in exam will not hurt.

Go Old School, Prepare the way it should be. Don’t rely on shortcuts. Develop a habit of Newspaper reading.

Out of 10 lakh applicants only a 14000+ are selected. That essentially means… need to Leave the HERD and do what others are not doing.



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