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*Only applicable to registered test users.

Prelims test Series:-

  1. The Q & A booklet for the PP1 (Polity test is available in your portal now for future reference including PH1-Ancient India Test and PG1-Geography test)
  2. Try to revise the already finished syllabus.
  3. You will be receiving the February Magazine by EOD.
  4. The test for today is PE1- Economics . The details will be communicated to you soon.
  5. Those who have not taken PP1  test yet can take  the test, it is still LIVE.

Essay test Series:-

  1. We have started sending the review for the submitted Essays.
  2. You will be receiving the review soon, if you have not received one already.
  3. At this phase , we are not allocating any marks to the essays , as we consider this phase as “hand-holding” phase and Marks can be detrimental at this time.
  4. You will be rewarded marks , once you transition to a comfort zone as far as essay writing is concerned(probably after 3-5 tests)
  5. If any of you explicitly wants his/her essays to be awarded with scores at this point – Let us know.
  6. Please go through the Essay Strategy document. Read it before writing the Essay test.
  7. We have advised on certain books to read in strategy document, finish it soon if you can at the earliest.

If you have any suggestion/query/feedback , feel free to write to us.

We have few who joined us little late for both Prelims and Essay program. Hence, we are enabling a flexible window of a week to submit your Essay and to take  the Prelims Test online from last week on-wards. (PP1 is Live and PE1-to be conducted today)


Thank You






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