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For  Essay Test Joiners:-

  1. We have already sent reviews for most of you barring few who joined us little late (You will be getting the review in the next 2 days)
  2. Few have joined the test series but yet to take the test- Please take the advantage of time and write the test
  3. Kindly send us Well Scanned PDF which upon print does not blacken. Do help us in this regard.
  4. Go through the Essay Strategy while you can.
  5. We have got few near-perfect essays and currently in the process of obtaining permission from the writer to publish it publicly

For Prelims Test Joiners :-

  1. PP1 is enabled for the next seven days after few  modification. Please take the test again while you can.
  2. Your score report is made available for the PE1 test in your portal for future reference and track your progress.
  3. PP1 – Question and Answer with explanation is updated in your portal.
  4. prepare for the Upcoming test on Science and Tech : PS1

February Magazine (Printable) is available in your portal.Mains related question will soon be made available.

Note :- We are currently working on the Economic Survey that will have not only the necessary summary but also in-depth explanation of each terminology , phenomenon and scheme as and when they are encountered in the various chapters of the survey.You will get a printable version in your portal once it is done.



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