Dear Friends,

There has not been any news of significance to publish for the past 2 days. Hence , instead of cluttering your mailbox  with unnecessary details , we will be updating the  daily current events  once we have substantial material to publish as a post.Of course , there are few news but those are worth mentioning as foot notes , and we are keeping track of happenings everyday, we will publish once we have a plateful.

Meanwhile , kindly concentrate on your basic studies and if you are following our schedule, and subscribed to our test series , please finish the subjects soon.

21-Feb-2016 – Ancient India – Test Completed – Start revision and go through the 100 questions which you would have got  after the test.

28-Feb-2016 – Geography Test – Start reading as per schedule- You will be notified regarding the details of  test soon.

If you have not subscribed to our test series but following the schedule :-

Then kindly complete the subjects as per schedule and revise. Revision is the key.

Here are 5 questions from our Ancient India test series:-

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If you want any particular issues to be published or analyzed as a ROLL-ON-NEWS-DAYS . Kindly do let us know in the comment section.

Thank you


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