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Dear All,

Thank you for registering and participating in the Open Essay Test. If you have not submitted yet, you can submit your essays as soon as you finish them.

Needless to say, we are very much delighted by seeing such a huge volume of essay submission. As we go through the essays, many essays are remarkable and well-written, many essays have excellent aesthetic appeal and many are great in content.

Nothing makes a us happy than to see the “efforts” among the aspirants. It gives us energy to break the barriers of performance. We are very much HAPPY to see the quality of essays that have reached us, but what makes us more happier is the fact that you are taking the initiative and putting in your effort to write the essays.

If you have hesitation or concern, our advise will be not to hesitate or be concerned. Remember Great things are built from small initiatives only. The great wall of China was started with a single piece of stone/brick. The Great Indian civilization that we are part of started with a small colony somewhere as part of Indus Valley civilization. So everything that we think or assume as great are built upon consistent but “smaller effort”. Everything that is great is nothing more than the summation of the small initiatives. So take the initiative and write, don’t be concerned on quality.

The most important part of Greatness is that it can be achieved. The Forest Man of India – Jadav Payeng built a forest of more than 1300 acres single handedly. If that is possible, scoring 150 and above in essays is possible. What requires is constant improvement.

No one can wake up tomorrow and out of the blue, write a great essay, it takes time, but it is doable.

People say essay writing is an art. But we say it is SCIENCE, what that means is, there are methods to write great essays. In fact, in one of our essay ( “Ability can take you to the top but character will keep you there”), we gave the strategy as a mathematical approach to the ethics essay.

So, if you have not written yet, get your pen and paper ready and let the romance of pen and paper unfold as you put your intangible thoughts in to the tangible paper.

Keep the submission of essays coming. It is inspiring.

Thank You




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