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Topics for Essay Scholarship Test 2021

  1. If Agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will go right in the country.
  2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Details of the Test:-

We have launched the test series and details can be accessed from the student portal:- (IASTREE)In line with that, we are launching a SCHOLARSHIP test and the details are as follow: –

  1. The Scholarship test will be held on (24-Feb-2021)
  2. Submission will be accepted till 26-Feb-2021
  3. Two Essay topics will be given.
  4. Register Here for Scholarship Test – Click Here
  5. Students have to write on one topic, scan the PDF and send it to for review.
  6. Personalized Review and Tele-Counselling will be provided within 3 days of Essay Submission.
  7. Post-Review, Strategy will be given for each topic.
  8. The following benefits will be given based on score:-
    1. Total Marks for the topic will be 125
    2. Students scoring beyond 100 – Will get 40% discount on the test series.
    3. Students scoring beyond 80 – Will get 20% discount on the test series.
    4. Students scoring beyond 70– Will get 15% discount on the test series.
    5. Students scoring beyond 50– Will get 10% discount on the test series.
    6. Students scoring beyond 40– Will get 8% discount on the test series.
    7. Those who attend the test series, irrespective of their score will get 5% discount on the test series.

Thank You


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