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The logic behind MCQS is simple  and below are ways it is going to help you.

If you have taken the MCQ and found that you could not score more- No need to worry – at this stage , the questions are framed to increase attention and remove assumption.

Lack of attention and Assumption usually leads to failure in Prelims. It is not that , one din’t know the answer , but is the fact  that one din’t read the question properly.

Lets look at a prelims question of CSE(Prelims) 2015 –

The winds which blow between 30 degrees N and 60 degrees S latitudes throughout the year are known as westerlies.
2. The moist air masses that cause winter rains in North-Western region of India are part of westerlies.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

In the above question, most of the candidates din’t read the question or have not given the attention that it deserved, it is a twisting question. Many have interpreted the  60 degree S as 60 degree N and got it wrong.This happens all the time in the anxious hours of exam.

Due to this very reason , MCQS framed in such a way that it will increase your attention.

Another logic we are using is that – ” People usually remember their friends but they never forget their enemies“- That is just human emotion . Similarly , if you have committed wrong for a particular question after honest attempt – then , chances are that you will never forget the question/answer anymore. This way ,it simply helps to register more information without really trying for it.

If you look at our MCQS, we give few datas , lets see how they will be useful ?

This is a statement of our MCQS:- “In India around 68 percent of the country is prone to drought in varying degrees . Now if you remember this data , the chances of using it , is very high. For eg-

you can write 68% of India is drought prone and hence we should try for integration of rivers  with minimal impact on the environment 

or 68% of India being drought prone , many of our farmers endure abject poverty after crop failure and hence we should plan an insurance for drought affected,

or, 68% of India is drought affected , hence rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge methods should be promoted aggressively,

or , 68% of India being drought prone, many farmers stay as subsistence farmers and could not improve their lifestyle , hence skill promotion and alternative employment should be promoted in chronic drought prone areas as there is no benefit of doing agriculture in those region anyway.

or ,68% of India being drought prone – the ICAR should develop more drought resistant crops

And there are many more ways to use the particular data. Hence, contrary to popular belief , some informations are pious – they have to be remembered else the answer will look shallow, similarly , Not all informations are sacrosanct- many should be forgotten at the first sight.

Through MCQ we give those informations that are important and can be used – so if you do the MCQ – you will remember it with out trying to remember it – that is the beauty of MCQ.

This is already a long post and without continuing further on the philosophy of MCQ , we – request you to take the advantage of it, while you can.And don’t get embarrassed or let down when you don’t score more – remember – those questions were your enemies and you will never forget them 🙂


In real exam, this can go a long way in helping you to fight anxiety and stress of the moment and increasing attention.

Practice makes men/women Perfect and that is the only way to clear this exam.


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