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Dear friends,

We are really thankful , who have provided the feedback on CSE 2016 initiative till now . Right now we are compiling all the questions,feedback, concerns and will answer them very soon.

If you have not given your feedback yet, please do so .Help us to help you.

This Sunday , if you could spare sometime and write an essay on this topic ( CSE MAINS 2015), we would be able to review it and provide model answer at the end.

The topic – ” Education without values . as useful as it is, seems rather to make a man more clever devil”

Please do write , else one will never know what to improve, how to improve and where to improve.Writing is the only way to get through this exam and only constant writing can shape your answers and increase the quality over time.

The current events of 18th  and 19th will be posted soon. No need to worry on that front, we were little busy analyzing the Main paper of 2015, hence the delay.Hope you understand.

Feedback Link –

You can either write the essay on the site itself in the comments section or you can directly send it to –

Mail id –


Mail id –

Note:-Your consent is of paramount importance to us, if you want the review to be published in the site for others to benefit , let us know.

Thank you


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