Preparing for civil service has its own set of charms and challenges.

The over-arching question that any candidate goes through at various stages of preparation is – ” Can I do it ?” or “Will I be able to clear it ?”

The better word for civil service examination should be – Endurance test or Durability Test.One has to endure through Prelims, Mains and Interview.And if at all , you do endure through the exams, then there is a bigger question of how to cope with the job.

Because, the job of a civil servant is not an easy job.You will have respect , you may get job satisfaction but you have responsibility and your decision will have a greater impact-all the time.So , the real question you must be asking yourself is – Do you have the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage ?- that is in short “Durability”

Getting in to the job is hard, but carrying out the job is even harder.So, “glory” comes with “Pain” – it is indeed a pure case of  “Flowers and Thorns” and neither the journey nor the destination are going to be “smooth”.

So, before you start – do check your plasticity – that is your endurance, durability and adaptability.

Endurance and durability is already understood, but what about adaptability ?

The mains reason why  we fail is simple.We repeat our mistakes – again and  again and again.

You already know what is needed , yet many of us won’t do it due to procrastination or otherwise.

We have to stop being a broken record and change for good. Inherently, mankind is status-quoist ( Many a time we hear a person saying “I am adaptable” or “I love change”  but the truth about mankind is , and as study after study on psychology and human behavior suggest that we are by far remain status-quoist and only change when it is absolutely necessary or our survival is in danger.For instance, just think of the environmental issues and ask yourself – are we changing  by any means ? )

So Change  is going to be tough, but if you are determined then , no one has the ability to stop you.Don’t let the life control you, take control.From this moment on-wards , you should be master of your destiny rather being slave to the opportunities and circumstances.The Locus of Control should be within you.

Today is a fine Sunday and it is a good day to implement the change.The change that is required to succeed is simple :-

  1. Follow a schedule
  2. What has to be done today should be done today- No matter what.Make time for it and give no excuses.
  3. Master your optional – Read everyday and Revise regularly.
  4. If joined any test series, take tests regularly and on scheduled date – Not a few days after or before – that makes all the difference.
  5. Write your Essay tests and Mains test regularly. Because you not only have to master the whole plan but also have to master each and every individual paper and know your strength and weaknesses in each paper so as to work accordingly. After all you will be competing with the best.Remember – Strategy without tactics is slowest route to success but tactics with out strategy is noise before defeat.Same goes for reading and writing.
  6. You not only have to read and remember but also have to represent and that requires writing.
  7. So start writing.Not just before Mains , but before Prelims.If you write 10 tests in 2 months time, you will end up writing more or less in a same manner.For writing to evolve you have to write at constant intervals.Write-get reviewed-think on the review-inculcate the change-first in your thinking process and then in your representation.

Nothing can stop a determined person, so set your goals,have a schedule and see it through.Success will be yours.

For time management and schedule :-(If you are following one – then follow that one):-

  1. You can register at our student portal –
  2. Once registered – go to your dashboard- There is to-do list- You can create one for yourself(Set your goals week-wise)
  3. Schedules are also there for each program, so check and align your preparation accordingly.
  4. Devote at least 2 hrs for your optional – daily
  5. You can upload your files and keep them as private ( Click on the DRIVE from your student menu)
  6. The portal is open to all and can help you in time management.
  7. Put it to best use and make it a ritual.Yes, RITUAL, that is , the first thing when you wake up , check your to-do-list or schedule and determine how you are going to finish the tasks of the day.Slowly the ritual will become your habit and as they say –
    • “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
      Your thoughts become your words,
      Your words become your actions,
      Your actions become your habits,
      Your habits become your values,
      Your values become your destiny.”
  8. Registration is open  for all.Write your destiny.No one can write it for you.We will always be there to guide but the hard-work has to be done by you.

Feel free to write to us in case any queries.We are here for you and always will be there for you.

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