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Dear Friends,

It has been a great journey since we have started.When we launched our PRELIMS and ESSAY programs , we did not have the luxury of time.Yet , our expectations surpassed given the number of registered candidates.

A Big Note Of Thank you to all of you who joined us, supported us, promoted us and believed in us.

We have getting mails and speaking to candidates from different parts of the country, whose feedback helped us to push ourselves beyond the norm.

Particularly the Essays/Editorials/Current Events and recently launched Debates have been of great help , so we are told.

Many candidates wrote to us to guide them on how to write good answer.The debate is launched for this purpose – helping you improve everyday.One particular aspect is, you have to write , no matter what.

We have few candidates in our essay series whose “Never back down ” attitude in fact inspired us.Many won’t write beyond 2 essays out of 4 essays in each test.However we are in awe of few who write all the 4 essays.The level of commitment is just beyond the norm.We also have wonderful writers whose essays are just too good.Hard work is good and Talent is good. But it is a reality that- Hard work beats talent , when talent does not work hard.

Since  beginning, our two core principles have been – Aesthetic and Quality.And for this reason , after getting number of feedback we reinvented our site – technically , so that it is easier for you to engage with us.

Though , there are many things that we intend to share with you at this moment, but we will keep it for later.

We are little reticent when it comes to promoting.Our promotion rests on your good will gesture and word of mouth.So your help in this regard will be of great help to us.

The results are out and many have got through, yet many deserving candidates could not make it.The Only thing that matters after every battle is how you fought.Of course, winning has its charms but winning needs constant practice to win – day in and day out.Think of Mandela, who lived in a single cell prison for 27 years, to become the President one day.That is “Never Back Down “. If you refuse to back down , there is no one who can put you down.

There is a saying in Sanskrit- “Gatani Gatpadani, Agat Pada Na drisyate” (The bygone steps are bygone, the upcoming steps are invisible). Thus, we are left with only one thing – To Improvise , To Adept and To Overcome .If you do this, you no need to chase success, it will knock at your door step and will greet you with welcome.

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