It has been quite long since we published our Sunday diaries.As we publish our daily current events everyday, we do come across some cartoon or satire which are indeed thought provoking.

Last year we lost one such pioneer in the field – R.K.Laxman . There is no one at present who can generate more thoughts with a single stoke of a brush as he did.Writers write more than 1000 words to convey a message, but cartoonist/satirist just do it in tiny rectangular box of 8cm*5cm.

We do discuss some of the cartoons and their meanings at UPSCTREE, and today , we thought to publish it.Of course, without a doubt it will be of no help as far the UPSC exam is concerned, yet as you endeavor to become a significant authority in public service , it is worth the mention.Let us know what are your thoughts on this.

Here you go:-

A CSE study found Potassium Bromate, a possible carcinogen, and Potassium Iodate in bread samples. Potassium Iodate can affect thyroid function

Illustration: Sorit

Thousands of Indian doctors migrate to other countries every year, while many posts remain vacant in India 

With so many exemptions and VIPs refusing to use public transport, can the odd-even scheme be considered a success?

This has special reference in history too. Remember the most educated Mahammud bin Tughlaq and least educated Akbar and certainly we know who was a better administrator.

There are few which are more satirical and funny than the above ones but they are far too political in nature and we are aspiring to be apolitical public servants, so exercising self-restraint although they are more eye-turners.

 Good Night.

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