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*Note – Applicable only for registered users.However everyone can take a note of it and act accordingly depending on each individual’s  preparation stage.


If you have not taken the last Sunday test. Kindly take while it is active.

Few things of importance :-

1) If your is score is consistently 60% and above ,it is a good score. However don’t take the scores as success. Confidence is good but over-confidence is always harmful.Thus practice as rigorously as you can.A minor mistake can cost dearly.

2) If your is score is below 60%  ,you have to shift gears in your preparation.Scores in test series are only indicative in nature. Thus , end of the day what matters is  – whether you have finished the course or not and whether you have revised the tests that are already taken or not.

3) Write to us directly, if you have any particular  concern or need any guidance. We are planning something special for the upcoming months (Beginning of May) which we think will be beneficial.

4)This phase is usually a dull phase in preparation (general observation) , thus it is important that you use this phase for optimum benefit.Success or failure is decided on the amount of hard work you put in this phase.

The preparation is a Marathon and consistency matters thus keep running till the goal is achieved.

We are here for you , so don’t hesitate to  write to us irrespective of whether you are part of our series or not.We will try to provide all the help we can.

All the best.




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