We have got requests to provide PDF and explanation for few questions.And in this regard , we have decided to provide a monthly compilation PDF along with explanation, however the initiative will only benefit if we do it as follows :-

  1. Doing 5 question a day will help you in remembering more than just reading the PDF at end of the month.Simply because, Rome is not built in a day and if you read all at once, you will be confused in real exam- this is from our personal experience.Minor confusion will cost you a year. So Do MCQS daily.
  2. We are not giving explanation right away due to the very fact that once we give those details , many of you will just don’t push to find answers for yourself.Think of Buddha, he went to many teachers ,wander from place to place and asked many questions but nirvana came only from with in and only by self-realization( This is true for every great individual you might come across – be it in religious, social, economic or any other sphere). Hence , in doubt , ask the question in comment section and let others answer it, or better, try to find answers yourself. If we give explanation right away , the chance of real engagement falls down.
  3. Our motive is to build an ecosystem , where not only we provide the explanations to your queries but also there is a help between Peer to Peer.

Also do write the daily debates, yesterday we have got very good answers to our debate.

The key to success is not to jump the steps but to accomplish one step at a time.Ask any successful candidate and you will have your answer.CSE is unlike any other exam , it is not CAT or GMAT where you score high by practicing just for 2/3 months given that you have good understanding of fundamentals.It is a marathon and the only way out of the gate is to have both – objective competence and subjective competence.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.

Thank you


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