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As continuation of GS I initiative . We hope you were able to finish the particular sections and chapters mentioned in our previous post.

Here is the link to details of the initiative –

Questions to be answered :-(Max 150-200 Words)

  • What is the difference between civilization and culture ? What are the characteristics that defines a culture ? What do you understand by cultural heritage, give few examples?


  • “India was a secular country long before our constitution came in to being  and Ahimsa was a norm long before Gandhi” . In this context evaluate Ashoka’s contribution towards Indian society, culture and constitution.


  • From National flag to National Emblem, From Preamble of constitution to Fundamental duties – India has imprints of Ashoka all over it. He was relevant then , he is relevant now .Elucidate.


  • What are the similarities and dissimilarities of Maurya age and Gupta age in terms of society, culture, religion, administration and status of women.


  • The Indo-islamic architecture was as much Indian as it was Persian .Discuss.


  • The tenets of Buddhism can be put to use to resolve moral crisis.Discuss with modern context.



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