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Dear All,

UPSC has been shifting its focus towards global organization and this trend is visible for couple of years now. For example, in last year geography optional UPSC has asked on WCRP prorgam(World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)) and in 2013/14 it asked on MAB prorgam (Man & Biosphere Program) and IGBP(International Geo-sphere and Bio-sphere Program). Not only in mains but the question on organization has been one of the key focus area in PRLEIMS as well. In prelims, it has asked on Bird-life International, UN-HABITAT and many more. Hence to cater to this need, we are launching a new initiative called-



This is what we intends to do with this initiative:-

  1. In each article we will put the limelight on a particular organization of importance.
  2. It will cover about the organization, the initiatives of the organization, its component and objective , its flagship reports etc.
  3. This way it will not only cater to prelims but also will help in mains.
  4. The article will be framed in such as way that you can take the benefit of it and implement the important points, datasets etc in your GS, Essay and Optional paper.
  5. If what you read from these article and retain at least the main points and use it judiciously in your answers in exam, we can ascertain you that you will be able to score 7 and above in each GS question relevant to this and a better mark in your optional and Essay papers.
  6. The article will not only have details and statistics about the organization and program, it will also throw light on most important issues as well. It will also have some good statements which you can directly use in the exam.



We sincerely hope that our effort will help you all in this exam.

Any suggestion or feedback is welcome in this regard.

Thank You



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