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Future Earth is built on many decades of international research on global environmental change carried out by projects sponsored by DIVERSITAS, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and the International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP).

Over 20 projects, ranging from the Global Carbon Project to the Earth System Governance project, have joined Future Earth. From this intellectual base Future Earth is launching Knowledge-Action Networks to catalyze new research and partnerships around eight key challenges to global sustainability.

Launched in 2015, Future Earth is a 10-year initiative to advance Global Sustainability Science, build capacity in this rapidly expanding area of research and provide an international research agenda to guide natural and social scientists working around the world.

Mission and principles-

Future Earth’s mission is to “build and connect global knowledge to intensify the impact of research and find new ways to accelerate sustainable development”. Its vision is for “people to thrive in a sustainable and equitable world”. To do this, Future Earth aims to mobilize the international community of global environmental science researchers to:

  • Inspire and create interdisciplinary science relevant to major global sustainability challenges
  • Deliver products and services that society needs to meet these challenges
  • Co-design and co-produce solutions-oriented science, knowledge and innovation for global sustainable development
  • Build capacity among scholars world-wide

Core Projects-

  1. AIMES (Analysis, Integration and Modelling of the Earth System)
  3. bioGENESIS
  4. CCAFS – Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, a collaboration among the CGIAR Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers
  5. ecoHEALTH
  6. ecoSERVICES
  7. ESG – Earth System Governance
  8. GCP – Global Carbon Project
  9. GLP – Global Land Project
  10. GMBA – Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment
  11. GWSP – Global Water System Project
  12. IGAC – International Global Atmospheric Chemistry
  13. IHOPE – Integrated History and Future of People on Earth
  14. ILEAPS – Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study
  15. IMBER – Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research
  16. IRG – Integrated Risk Governance Project
  17. LOICZ – Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone
  18. MAIRS – Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study
  19. PAGES – Past Global Changes
  20. PECS – Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society
  21. SOLAS – Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study
  22. UGEC – Urbanization and Global Environmental Change





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