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Dear Aspirant,

In your quest for preparing for UPSC civil services, like many of us, you would have come across a point when you would have thought  “It is just too much” .A little look around any aspirants life tells us that , he/she is riddled with a sea of information on a daily basis.Any UPSC preparation site ,coaching site or any other such site has , indeed ,sea of information, but the question is – Do you need all those information  ? .Many a time the websites across internet usually know “where to start” but the don’t know “where to stop“. That is their pursuit to publish everything and anything leads you to a state of confusion on what to read, what to take note of, what to remember and what to discard. Any unsuccessful attempt even drag you to the edge and you keep on delving what to read and what not to read.We have come across sites where all they do is publishing without thinking.Many a times you , yourself have come across information that led to question yourself – Is this relevant ? If so, then how it is relevant ?

Hence we have taken help from few bureaucrats (retired and active), analyzed the past UPSC trends and have come to understand on how to segregate the information , categorize them , prioritize them and help you in getting the relevant.That is why the title – Picking the relevant from the sea of irrelevant .

We need your active participation to knit together this community of UPSC aspirants , thus your comments are welcomed.

Everyday we will be publishing current affairs and analysis. We publish not only to copy/paste the information from around the web , instead , what you will receive is  a well thought out ,comprehensive ,to-the-point ,in-depth – inclusive -integrated analysis on daily basis.

Moreover , We are specially focusing on Geography and History Optionals , the relevant topic can be accessed from the menu bar.

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