Questions are framed from the January 2016 monthly magazine.Go through it to answer the questions better.

Answer in 200 words each

1) What do you understand by Geographical indicator ? Give few examples.What are wet lands and why are they so important ? Mention any organization working towards it’s conservation and give few examples of major wetlands in India.

2) What is City Compost ? What are its benefits ?

3) Why India’s sanitation standards are so poor ? What are the issues/impacts associated with/arising out of Open-defecation ? What would you do as a district collector to improve the sanitation of your district ?

4) Explain Smart City and its core elements.

5) India’s Space capabilities  have grown from strength to strength.Elucidate.

6) Give a brief account of development of science in India through ages.

7) In the age of hyper-connectivity and digital world , our privacy is no more safe and our safety is no more private.Elucidate.

8) What are the key recommendations by Dr. Vijay Kelkar committee on PPP model on infrastructure?

9) Is direct benefit transfer is really beneficial ? Provide suitable examples to support your view.

10) What are the key components of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana ? Do you think these measures can turn the wheel for better ?

11)Should economy only be weighed on efficiency parameters ?Propose measures to achieve  an  efficient economy as well as an equitable economy ?

12) What is Start up India and its key components ?

13) What do you understand by Fourth industrial revolution ? What are its possible impacts (negative and positive) ?

14) What are the key recommendation of Shome panel Suggestions on Tax reforms.

15) Propose social , political and economic measures to fight life style diseases , especially diabetics.

16) Do you think  e-commerce can empower the Indian villagers?What are the obstacles in the path of this revolution ?

17) In light of Lodha panel report on BCCI,  analyse the cause , consequence and solution to curb corruption in sports.

18) Free basics – not needed though free . Elucidate.

19) Given the new found euphoria around solar power, in you opinion , what are the major impediments to realize its true potential and suggest a way forward ?

20) What are the major global risks that are staring at us with an unblinking eye.

21) What are issues arising out of it excessive urbanism ? Is Urbanism is the only way forward ?


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