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Hi All,

Please find the attached document for UPSCTREE-ALL INDIA OPEN ESSAY TEST.

Click Here to download.

Rules and Procedures for Submission:-

  1. You must take a print out of the question paper, write ONE essay and submit it before 17 June 2018 @ 6PM i.e your submission must reach us by Sunday Evening.
  2. The essay will be accepted only those who have registered before.
  3. Take the print out, write the essay, scan it (use CAMSCANNER app or any other app in your mobile), make a PDF and send it to :-
  4. The scanned file should be readable and must be a PDF.
  5. No separate image copies are entertained.
  6. The scanned file should be readable, else it will not be evaluated.
  7. The Subject of the Mail should be – Your Name-Essay Topic-Insamojo Id
  8. After submission, you will get the review with in 5 days.
  9. Post-review, we will host tele-counselling session to clarify any doubts that you may have.


Write ONE essay, choosing from the following, in about 1000-1200 words each.


  1. Indian Industrial Revolution- Are we chasing the ghost?
  2. Human Capital is the true measure of real progress.
  3. Pollution anywhere is a threat to life everywhere.
  4. Technology is good servant but a bad master.

Thank You



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