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Dear All,

We have published around 25 high-value and enriching editorial today and have been working on the site reorganization for quite some time now. The good news is, site reorganization and redesign is almost complete (only 5% work is pending which nonetheless does not affect your preparation- it is some background tech work only).

Do let us now on the new outlook and reorganization of the site. Also, if there is any error you encounter (chances are very slim though), do bring it to our notice.

All the editorials are well-arranged in thematic manner and you can browse then from the Menu item.

Many important things took a hit due to this humongous task, nonetheless it was necessary. We will be reviving few initiatives and looking forward to your participation.

Important Editorials can be accessed from here – Click Here

For your convenience, we have added a new menu item- Recent Publication ,  where you can find all publication, albeit uncategorized as it should be (For categorization, refer the above link) – Click Here

Many in-depth and comprehensive material are being created in order to help you. The motto being, if UPSC is going to dig deep, we will dig deeper.

Any suggestion or valuable feedback is welcome.

We have also received nearly hundreds of query on different matters (Personal, related to Test series etc), we will be answering them soon, if you have written to us and it is generic in nature then you will have your answer published for all to benefit.

This has been an arduous journey for us too – personally, professionally and emotionally, many challenges and road blocks did haunt us from time to time, but we did keep at it and finally say that, We are satisfied with the end  result.

As they say, full effort is full victory, we took this heart and glad that it did help us. The day we learned about the concept of Sevottam, it has been ingrained in us. To Serve you better and help you sail through this journey is our sole aim.

Feel free to write to us in case of any queries. Looking forward to your inputs

Forever at your service, Signing Off for now.

A tired yet relentless TEAM of UPSCTREE after 36 hrs of  continuous work.

-:The body is asking for rest, but the mind is declining to oblige:-


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