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Dear friends,

We have started the GS I initiative. For starter , we will be covering below mentioned section of the GS I Syllabus.

Scetion 1Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.

Schedule :-

Timeline:- 16 Nov-18 Nov 

What to Study :-Chapters :-Lesson 1-7

( Lesson 1_ Culture_ An Introduction ; Lesson 2_ Indian Culture;Lesson 3_ Ancient India ;Lesson 4_ Medieval India;Lesson 5_ Modern India;Lesson 6_ Indian Languages and Literature-I;Lesson 7_ Indian Languages and Literature-II)

Source – NIOS

Link  – Material

Questions will be asked on 18 Nov from  those particular 7 chapters.

UPSC Questions related to this particular section  :-


  1. Difference between Moatsu and Yemeshe festivals of Nagaland or the “Losar” and “Khan” Festival of Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Write on  theatre forms :- Bhand Pather , Swang , Maach, Bhaona , Mudiyettu , Dashavatar;
  3. Different styles of unglazed pottery making in India;
  4. List Classical dance form of India as per Sangeet natak Akademi

2012 :-

  1. Flute-Playing Krishan theme is very populr in Indian art – Discuss;
  2. Cassification of Indian muscial Instruments ;
  3. Significance of Fire in Zorastrianism
  4. Why Laurie Baker called conscience keeper of Indian architecture
  5. Bagurumba Folk Dance

2013 :-

  1. Sangam Literature
  2. Tandava Dance
  3. Chola architecture


  1. Gandhara Sculpture – both Greek and Roman Significane
  2. Indus valley Civilization and its link to today’s urbanization
  3. Why Taxila is not considered as an University in the real sense as Nalanda
  4. Why Sufism could not significantly influence Indian society ;

Note :- This section is a vast section, however , once we start diligently we would able to cover multiple sources and at the same time will have a comprehensive understanding of this section . This section  overlaps with the history of India and certain parts of the history also will be covered by this. 

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