In a rather cold days of winter, the Tamilnadu power struggle kept us warm. We were observant of the situation and have been following it very closely, but the recent SC order came as bolt from the blue and all speculation thus comes to an end.

“Sasikala has been ordered to surrender to the law enforcement authorities immediately to serve the remainder of her four-year jail term. She also will not be able to contest elections for 10 years or hold public office”

In the backdrop of this issues, there lies two critical questions that has to be addressed :-

1) In Indian democratic set up , the leader of the party is chosen by the the elected representatives. What that means is the AIADMK MLAs can chose anyone as their party chief – So why there was so much struggle and why so much opposition from public ?

2) There is a rise in personality based campaigns which are more akin to American presidential system rather than the Parliamentary system that we follow. In this backdrop, we essentially vote depending on who is the Prime Ministerial candidate or Chief Ministerial candidate is. So is it wise to move away from parliamentary system of government and adopt presidential form of government ?

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